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About The Ranch

Crooked River Ranch covers 10,000 acres of rural residential, recreational and commercial property, of which 9,900 acres are divided into 2646 privately owned lots. The remainder of the acreage consists of common and community property, along with buildings and equipment, which are owned by the Association.

The common and Community property is scattered throughout the Ranch. The most prominent areas are the Crooked River Ranch (CRR) Golf Course and Pro Shop and the CRR RV Park. During the summer the main attraction for the kids is the swimming pool. Other community property widely utilized is MacPherson Park with Pavilion for Picnics, reunions, and parties. Other attractions are the Dick Chandler Baseball Field, the basketball court, the tennis/pickleball courts and the Lions’ Memorial Park.

There are many walking and hiking trails on the Ranch. You can hike Sand Ridge Trail, Otter Bench Trail (Difficulty level, Easy-Medium) or Scout Camp Trail (more difficult). You won't believe your eyes as you climb down this trail and take in the view of the canyon - sun shining on the rocks at sunset and the sound of the Deschutes River flowing below. For an easier stroll take a walk around the North Pasture with your dog or horse. You can also ride your horse at the enclosed arena along the golf course.

If you like fishing you’ll love the Crooked River, but you'd better be prepared to take a hike down Lone Pine Trail to get there. Once you get there you will be awed by the canyon’s scenic views.

The Ranch has its own falls, Steelhead Falls that is! There is a great hiking trail down to the falls area where there's a great place for a picnic. You'll always see a lot of wildlife on the Ranch, whether it be a deer with her fawns in spring or every kind of bird you can imagine! You can see quail by the score with the chicks crossing the road and jack rabbits and cottontails looking for goodies in a garden. Coyotes can be seen quite regularly and occasionally heard howling at the moon.

Speaking of gardens, gardening is a great pastime for farmers, with fruit, vegetables, and beautiful blooms of flowers in many back yards.

And remember the panoramic views of Mt. Bachelor, The Sisters, Mt. Jefferson to Mt. Hood are spectacular no matter what direction you look. Turn to the east at sunset and you can see Smith Rock shining in the sunlight.




Crooked River Ranch Golf Course Code of Conduct